At Safran Wealth Advisors, we place your interests first, and deliver expert unbiased financial planning and investment advice. 


We guide you through every phase of your financial life:  from developing your wealth to achieve what is important to you, to transitioning assets to future generations. We partner with you and act in your best interest to ensure your long term financial success.

We are an SEC Registered Investment Advisor, based in New York City.



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Your financial plan is the core for making sound decisions. 

We collaborate with you and act as your thinking partner to identify your wealth challenges and create solutions. Our plans are thorough and actionable. We hold you accountable; keep you motivated help pave your way to achieve your goals.

At Safran Wealth advisors our focus is in providing wealth management, in depth ongoing financial planning and portfolio management. We work with many types of clients. Our clients include single doctors, married executives, divorced families, newlyweds, retired professors and widows in transition. We are proud to service multiple generations of families. We have core competency in working with women whose lives are in transition. 

We are a fiduciary in every capacity of our service—our clients’ interests come first.



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Financial Planning

  • Goal Setting

  • Cash flow analysis

  • Tax planning

  • Insurance analysis

  • Transition planning

  • Retirement planning

  • Estate planning


  • Diversified investments

  • Periodic rebalancing

  • Passive and active investments

  • Ongoing management


  • Alignment with your goals and values

  • Peace of Mind